How to start my application?

Applying for Car Title Loans

All we need from you to apply for a loan is your contact and vehicle information. Contact information is required, so we have a way to discuss your loan, and vehicle information is needed to determine the value of your vehicle for collateral purposes. Listed below is the required information to apply:

  • Your first and last name, home zip code and a phone number.
  • A mileage estimate and the age, make, model and body style of your auto.

Who We Are?

About Pellum Title Solutions

Pellum Title Solutions helps all kinds of folks to secure loan funds regardless of their credit background. You see, we don’t work like the banks that strictly focus on credit histories and credit scores to determine if you would be a good credit risk. Instead, we rely on secured loans, which encourage people to pay their loans responsibly. Your car is placed as collateral against the loan, and most people will go out of their way to make payments on time rather than risking their main source of transportation. It is a simple concept, which works well for all parties involved in the loan process. You simply repay the original loan amount and a little bit of interest. Loan funds can be used for anything at all, and you’ll get your cash in a day or less.

Here is the checklist

Am I Qualified?

We have very few requirements when it comes to vehicle title loans. However, taking just a few moments to run through this list helps to ensure that you won’t have any problems qualifying for fast cash.

  1. If you have your driver’s license or a state identification card to prove you are at least 18, you’ve just met the first requirement for car title loans.
  2. You probably already own a vehicle, which is paid in full and have a clear title.
  3. Most likely you already have some sort of income that you use to pay your bills.

How Our Title Loan Process Works From Start to Finish

How does it work?

Applying for a Loan

Our application really only takes a few minutes to complete, and it doesn’t cost you anything to apply. You also get to speak with a loan representative for free, which is a good way to check out your loan options.

Your Loan Consultation

Each applicant will need to complete a loan consultation to learn about our operation and discuss income qualifying. For the most part, if you have any monthly income, you’ll probably qualify. Of course, those with higher incomes usually qualify for more money.

After qualifying, you’ll learn about our repayment options. Be sure to consider your income carefully, so your loan payments won’t overextend your monthly income. The next phase of the loan process is reviewing and signing contracts.

Legal Agreements

To meet state requirements, each applicant receives a contract, which meets auto title regulations. Basically, contracts confirm loan terms and supply borrowers with a handy reference of what they are paying for the loan and a repayment schedule to assure payments are made on time. Contracts are signed during the close of the loan at a nearby loan center store for your convenience. When all the paperwork has been completed, you may pick up your loan funds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know When My Payments Are Due?

How Do I Know When My Payments Are Due?

Each borrower receives a repayment schedule contained in their contract, which specifies the dates the payments are due and the payment amounts.

How Are Loan Amounts Figured?

How Are Loan Amounts Figured?

Loan amounts take into consideration your monthly income to repay the loan and the current market value of your vehicle. We look at your ability to repay the loan.

How Long Will It Take to Receive Loan Funds?

How Many Weeks Will It Take to Receive Loan Funds?

Banks may take weeks to payout, but Pellum Title Solutions sees that each approved borrower receives their funds within a day of applying.

Do You Restrict Driving During the Loan Period?

Do You Restrict Driving During the Loan Period?

No, we don’t have any driving restrictions. You are free to use your car for vacations, driving to work, running errands or anywhere you wish to go.